Beyond the Level 20 Magikarp

Originally posted on All is Brawl on Sunday, March 18th, 2012

What if I told you that I am not who I thought I was?

It’s a very real place. The surrealistest of places. But is it really?

I spent the night learning. Absorbing. Encountering more than I set out to encounter. You know that feeling when you pack a “Repel x10” yet you realize at the very last second, before you fight that first Zubat at Mt. Moon that fuuuuuuuuu… I didn’t need “Repel x10,” I needed to get over the fact that Zubats are a part of what I am going to have to face.

When I first started playing as Lucas, I was a pretty naïve person… I used to believe that I have the indomitable ability to overcome it all. I have, within me, the ability to perceive and understand where others are readily blind. But that’s simply not the case. What were once strategies to overcome Marth’s chaingrabs, eventually became the understanding that the game is built against me, little Lucas. Mother 3 and its story, its quips, and its message of love have no place on the Battlefield, or Smashville, or Final Destination.

PK Love is not the ability to overcome the odds and be the hero, PK Love, is accepting that your brother is going to die, and that your mother died before you, and your father is miserable.

Tonight, was a special night. My cousin is in the military and he has survived it all. He believes in contributing to a cause, and his awareness is so keen. It’s focused, and I envy that. I don’t like bragging, because I’m in a phase where I feel I should not have an ego, but I feel like I have the uncanny ability to find the best in you and dissect you, subtly or intentionally, to learn. I’m Jane Goodall, but not really…

But I don’t want to digress from this moment. The moment is the most important thing we seek to capture, be it in others or ourselves, but… I just want to love the moment.

But whether this reaches you, my beloved community, or not, well that’s up to you. I’d just like to let you know, that I learned. Learned to not be so caught up in chasing experiences, like a Magikarp desperately seeking to become the Gyrados; I learned to become the Magikarp and love being able to be the only pokemon that can Splash.

So, I spent the night with my cousin, and I learned about giving back. Or re-learned, more or less. I learned that I hate dmbrandon, not because he is a bad person… but rather, that he’s an amazing person that is very much like me in almost every conceivable way, except his goatee, from that accursed parallel universe, is… different.

Diem, Hall, Hyuga, and HugS (not so much anymore) believe in bettering the community. At all extremes of drawing attention or repeling x10 away, depending if you’re on their level or not—and not many of us, including myself, are (hence why we’re so attracted to their ideas). My cousin taught me to be aware of what I have, and around me, and not chase after Red Gyrados or Breaking-Out-Unbreakable-Grabs. I’m little smarter, maybe a little dumber, but at least I’ll forever know now, that my sister is 10 steps beyond all of us, and I PK Love her, more than I love this community, more than I love myself.